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Choose and Cut Christmas Trees

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Fraser Fir

A beautiful Christmas tree. The soft to the touch needles are flat and short, 3/8"-1 1/4" long with rounded tips and a silvery underside. The dark green color and pleasant fresh-cut aroma make this a frequently requested tree. Great needle retention. **

Canaan Fir

Similar in appearance to the Balsam fir, its needles tend to be about one inch in length and vary more in color. The foliage can often be similar to the appearance of the Fraser fir. Relatively new to the Christmas tree industry. **

White Pine

A beautifully shaped Christmas tree. The lacy blue-green needles, 2"- 4" in length, are graceful to the eye and soft to the touch. It has a delightful pine fragrance and excellent needle retention. Lovely when decorated with light ornaments. **